Julia O’Connor

Julia has been interested in health and fitness from a young age, starting with a foundation of eight years of gymnastics. With a passion for group fitness early on, she became the youngest person taking group fitness classes at her local gym in middle and high school. As an AFFA certified instructor, Julia began teaching fitness classes at Northeastern as an undergrad in 2017. She continued for two and a half years, teaching over seven different class formats, while finishing her Master’s in Architecture in 2019. She loves taking fitness classes all over Boston to mix up her own fitness routine and find new inspiration to integrate into her own classes.

Outside of the gym, Julia never misses an opportunity to travel and experience new cultures and cuisines. She works at an architecture firm in the Seaport and enjoys hiking and brunching on weekends. She’s always taking on new fitness adventures from Zombie runs to the NYC five-borough 40 mile bike ride and the annual Turkey Trot. You can catch Julia hand-standing and cartwheeling her way around Boston!