Mica Quinones

Mica was never the star athlete in grade school that played sports or engaged in physical activity during gym class. During her last year in high school, she decided to make a few changes to her diet. As time went by, she received compliments from multiple peers on her weight loss and increased energy. The fact that she transformed her body composition with a few simple changes in her eating behaviors intrigued her. Through her own transformation, she found a life passion that drives her to wake up every morning and guide people in the same direction and feeling she encountered five years ago.

Mica has earned a top personal trainers certification through the American Council on Exercise (ACE), and is pursuing a bachelors degree in exercise science. She is also studying holistic nutrition via the Integrative Institute of Nutrition (IIN), to earn the title of Holistic Health Practitioner and will continue to keep learning as she continues her practice in the field that she is most passionate about. She believes it's crucial for a personal fitness trainer to eat, sleep and breathe a healthy lifestyle if she is going to be coaching others on how it's supposed to be done.