Mary Legget

Mary’s love of fitness stemmed at a young age. Growing up on the north shore, Mary was a three season varsity athlete in high school. Her love of running and swimming led her college Triathlon team. On the team, she has competed in numerous championships and national competitions as a collegiate racer. Even with her practice schedule, she still has time to shake it out and let loose as a cycle instructor. Mary holds a Schwinn Cycle Instructor Certification. Her passion for helping others attain their fitness goals and have fun while doing so, makes her riders test their limits and push themselves a little further in every class.

Upon graduation from Northeastern, Mary will be entering graduate school to pursue a Master’s in Education in School Counseling. When Mary isn’t studying or working out, she enjoys surfing, yoga, and creating new healthy
recipes of her favorite foods. For her, fueling her active lifestyle is part of the fun! Her recipes and mesmerizing photos are shared on her Instagram, @marylegget